Communities We Work With

Far-flung Communities

Ophidia seeks to improve access to healthcare in remote communities in South East Asia, which are especially vulnerable to various tropical water-borne diseases.

Politically Prosecuted

Ophidia seeks to provide access to healthcare to groups that are prosecuted and disenfranchised due to their race, ethnicity and political inclinations.


Socially Stigmatised

Ophidia also works with communities that are stigmatised for expressing their identity and their faith.



Ophidia seeks to improve the quality of care for refugees, before, during and after they seek asylum. 



Ophidia works with the homeless group to increase access to care and support by linking them up with the right organisations with our one-stop referral platform.

Other Vulnerable Groups

Beyond the five main groups, Ophidia also targets other vulnerable groups such as at-risk-youths and elderlies, increasing the quality of care they receive.